Homemade Goods

In addition to offering our one of a kind catering, private chef, and cooking classes, Custom Catering, Private Chef, and Homemade Goods, also offers a selection of handcrafted items to make your next cooking adventure special.  Each item in the homemade goods section is personally crafted by Chef Brian and promises to be of the utmost in quality and taste.  We use only wholesome, natural ingredients in our products.  Please take a look at the prices and selection below.


Chef Brian is an accomplished home baker.  He uses a unique method of mixing and kneading bread using a food processor.  This allows for a shorter mixing time, therefore, keeping the natural color and flavor of the bread intact.  We use King Arthur flour in all of our breads because of its consistent quality.  Here is a list of styles of bread and prices available from Custom Catering, Private Chef, and Homemade Goods:

European-style Round: Made with unbleached flour, water, salt, and yeast. (8 in.)  – $5

Mini-baguettes: Made with unbleached flour, water salt, and yeast.  (14 in. each, 3/order) – $6

Deli-style Rye with Carraway Seed: Made with whole-grain rye and wheat flours with a natural rye starter and carraway seeds.  (12 in. oval) – $7

Parmesan Garlic Round: Made with unbleached flour, grated Parmigiano Reggiano, fresh garlic, yeast, salt, and water. (8 in.) – $8

Country Round: Made with unbleached flour, natural yeast starter, water, salt, and added wheat germ. (10 in.) – $6

Mini-Country Baguettes: Made with the same ingredients as our Country Round but shaped and baked like baguettes. (14 in. 3/order) – $8

Whole-grain Country Round:  Same as our Country Round, adding whole-wheat flour to the mix. (10 in.) – $7

Multi-Grain Sandwich Loaf: Natural wheat starter, whole wheat flour, rye, graham flour, 7-grain cereal, water, and salt. (8 in. pan loaf) – $7


In addition to baking excellent quality breads, Chef Brian also makes one darn good cookie, as well as the best brownies you have ever tasted.  We use the same quality ingredients in our cookies as our breads, in addition to hand chopped Callebaut chocolate, a selection of nuts, and some delicious dried fruit as well.  Here are our cookie and brownie selections:

Classic Chocolate Chip: Butter, sugar, flour, vanilla, eggs, walnuts, Callebaut chocolate (2 1/2 in. each): $7/half dz., $13/dz.

Chewy Trail Mix: butter, brown sugar, cashews, walnuts, flour, eggs, honey, oats, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins (3 in. each): $8/half dz., $15/dz.

Peanut Butter: butter, sugar, peanut butter, flour, peanuts, Callebaut chocolate, currants (2 1/2 in. each): $6/half dz., $11/dz.

Better Than Magic Brownies: Callebaut chocolate, butter, walnuts, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla (2×2 in. squares): $40/dz., $75/2 dz.

Bacon and Pancetta

Chef Brian makes some delicious breads and cookies, but is especially talented at making quality home-cured and smoked bacon and pancetta.  He uses the finest quality pork belly, slow cures it, and then smokes it for bacon or hangs it to dry for pancetta.  Bacon and pancetta are excellent fried with eggs for breakfast, or used as a component of your next dinner.

Applewood Smoked Bacon: cured with salt and brown sugar, coated with black pepper, and then smoked over applewood (slab or thickly sliced by hand): $20/2 lbs.

Pancetta: cured with salt and our special blend of spices, then air-dried to amp up the flavor (slab or thickly sliced by hand): $20/2 lbs.

*Chef Brian handcrafts bacon and pancetta for each individual order, therefore, bacon and pancetta orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance.

Placing an Order:  To place an order for any of the items listed on this page, please leave a message at the e-mail or phone number on our Contact Us page.  All orders can be picked up at Chef Brian’s residence near downtown Ann Arbor just blocks from the Main St./Stadium intersection.